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Level 1 Sound Healing Workshops:

"5 Stars Excellent Workshop! Katie knows her materials and how to teach. She is very welcoming and patient with the learning process. She made me feel very comfortable and safe. Thank You! I loved being in person and learning hands on techniques."

Barbara P.

"Katie did an incredible job sharing her knowledge and expertise. Loved access to the many instruments and really liked the detailed information on how to work with them. Thank you Katie for an amazing and eye opening weekend."

Chaya S.

"Wonderful Workshop! Great use of time. Katie is very knowledgeable and generous. Loved the hands -on work."


"Excellent Class, Katie is Amazing! Loved working with the Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks. Great Workshop!"

Jo Ann M.

"Very educational course! Katie is a brilliant teacher and is so patient and knowledgeable. She shows everything in great detail. The practical hands- on experience we gained was great!"

Annemarie L.

"I liked the workbook, the tutorials were well timed and I find it helpful to be able to refer back and listen. The teacher, Katie is very patient, knowledgeable and informative. The Workshop was well presented with clear instructions."

Aileen L.

"This Workshop was very informative and great hands- on experience. I really liked learning how to clear and balance with Sound Healing."

Cathy W.

"This was my first experience learning how to do Sound Healing. I really enjoyed learning how to use the instruments and all the practice I got. Our teacher, Katie McCoy, is the best!"

Margaret W.

"Katie is an awesome teacher, bringing her experience with energy and sound to our Workshop. I felt the energy in me and through me, as well as my fellow student. The detailed explanation of each instrument was excellent. The questions were answered clearly. The hands -on demonstrations and practices were very powerful!"

Theresa E.

"I've taken several course with Katie. This training was both enjoyable and paced at a rate to absorb the information. I liked the vocal session because it generated healing through our own body as the instrument."

Kathy G

Level 2 Sound Healing Workshop:

“5 Star: This workshop was fantastic. The hands -on experience makes a huge difference in the learning experience. Katie is patient and full of wisdom and knowledge. I liked the practical work best, being able to get from step 1-10 in a full session.” 

Annemarie L.

“5 Star: I have gone through many levels personally as we learn to heal. Katie goes above and beyond sharing and allowing us to find our way. I liked best: The abundance of knowledge shared. What could be done to improve workshop: Clone Katie!” Cheryl H.

“5 Star: My experiences with hands on another gave me more practice working with my intuition. Katie's style of teaching is so easy for me to absorb. Katie is patient and goes over and over whatever we need. I liked best: The hands -on practice and learning all the mantra and voice techniques.” Theresa E.

“5 Star: I have taken several workshops with Katie. She makes learning the techniques fun. She is very open to questions and ensures that I understand the concepts. I liked best: Experiencing and practicing the different techniques. The cumulative effect of this workshop was pretty amazing. The workshop was so much more then learning. The way we were able to practice on each other combined with the powerful healing energy made this a beautiful healing workshop as well. I would recommend this workshop to anyone serious about going into Sound Healing as a livelihood. Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons!”

 Kathy G.

Universal Rays Healing:

The Universal Rays Healing sessions with Katie are unlike any healing I’ve ever experienced. It is for someone who is interested and ready for healing from within and willing to allow the universe to work for them. I was completely satisfied with this program. Jennifer C.

Spiritual Massage:

Katie works magic through her spiritual massage. She is patient and makes you feel at ease with her caring, kind demeanor and an absolute expert at her craft.

She was able to get all of my issues out of my tissues! Amazing! Jennifer C.

Integrated Energy Therapy:

I have taken the 3 levels of Integrated Energy Therapy program with Katie as my teacher and am now certified at the Advanced level. I am so pleased to have learned this modality where I now have foundational techniques to share with my clients to help them heal in all areas of their emotional bodies. This program has also absolutely empowered me to develop my own intuition and connection. Katie is thorough and patient with her students and I am grateful to have had Katie as my guide through the process. Jennifer C.

Path of Light:

The Path of Light course has been an enlightening process to say the least. It has shown and assisted me to understand the importance of looking within for the answers to all of my questions in order to advance my consciousness and develop personally and spiritually. I am completely in awe of the program. Katie is an amazing guide and spiritual teacher and I would completely recommend this program to anyone looking to connect with their inner knowing, purpose and/or align with their spiritual truth.

Jennifer C.

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