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Path of Light


Level One - Path of Light

A Self-Mastery Course that will Change Your Life

This is a self-paced course you can do at home with a weekly online meeting.

You must start with the Path of Light level first. Each level takes about 10 months to complete.

Buy the student package with all course materials for Just AU$200 (+ 10% GST for Australians) plus postage & handling. Click here for more information.

New online class starting In March 2021

On the Path of Light the student begins to learn about spiritual concepts and their connection to the greater whole. Through 30 lessons and audio meditations you will learn how to connect with your spiritual self and expand your consciousness. The Path of Light teaches you about the power that you hold within you to manifest your reality on the Earth to meet your highest potential. It will show you what tools you need to use to create a balanced and harmonious life for yourself on the Earth.

During this course you will learn how to resolve your karma and release your shadow selves (aspects). The course manual offers information about your energetic being - the chakras, light body, the Universal matrix, your soul, your monad, how to work with karma, the Universal Laws, light rays of energy, and much more.

The student package includes:

332-page manual with recordings of the lessons

A welcome letter with the channeled names of the 3 Ascended Masters who will guide and support you while you are doing this program and your personal focus for this course.

30 Lessons on the Path of Light from the Ascended Masters including Lord Buddha, Babaji, Lord Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Quan Yin, Thoth, Serapis Bey, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, and Lord Melchizedek.

All lessons are also supplied as an MP3 audio file via a Dropbox link for you to listen to PLUS many extra meditations to assist and support you

Each lesson has an outline of the Key Teachings at the beginning and an interactive Student Worksheet to finish.

Your cells, DNA, aspects, monads and energy bodies will be highly activated as you work with this manual.

A suggested regime for working with this course is offered in the manual.

13 personal chapters written by Ishtar about her path of self mastery with guidacne and support for you

21 Chapters filled with practical information and tools about Energy, Souls and Monads, The Light Body, Aspects, Karma, Chakras, Sensory Gifts, Universal Rays, Universal Laws, Basic Energy Work,Psychic Protection, Clearing Space, Crystals, Vibrational Essences, Light Technology, Ascended Master Tools, Decrees, and Affirmations.

Students will have a weekly online group meeting for approximately 35 weeks. 

Please contact Katie with any questions or for further information.

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