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Int​egrated Energy Therapy Classes

Live Workshop

Classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM EST

$200 per weekend

Please Contact For Schedule of Upcoming Workshops

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) uses angelic energy to work directly with your body’s cellular memory and energy field to get the “issues out of your tissues” for good. IET helps you to safely and gently release limiting energy patterns from your past, empower and balance your life in the present, and embody your full potential as you move into your future.

Integrated Energy Therapy® is an attunement based energy therapy system. Each level of our IET® training system contains an energy attunement that works directly with the 12 Strand DNA to expand, realign, and restructure one or more pairs. Each IET® attunement builds progressively with the others to ultimately bring all six pairs of DNA into their full power. IET® attunements can only be done by a certified IET®Master-Instructor and must be done in-person (they cannot be done remotely). 

There are three different levels of Integrated Energy Therapy®: 

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. A workbook and certificate of completion will be provided for each class.


Basic Level

Works at the 1st (physical) and 2nd (emotional) pair of the 12 Strand DNA and provides students with the ability to clear physical and emotional energy blockages from the cellular memory and leave in their place positive physical and emotional energy imprints.

no prerequisite necessary

Intermediate Level

Works at the 3rd (mental) and 4th (karmic) pair of the 12 Strand DNA and provides students with the ability to clear physical, emotional, mental, and karmic energy imprints from the human energy field and leave in their place positive energy imprints.

prerequisite: Basic Level IET®

Advanced Level

Works at the 4th pair (genetic soul profile) and 5th pair (soul cluster) of the 12 Strand DNA and provides students with the ability to discover your soul’s mission and attract members of your soul’s cluster to help you live your soul’s mission and bring your dreams alive.

prerequisites: Basic Level IET® & Intermediate Level IET®

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